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Bouncing Cubes

I decided to jump back into After Effects today and follow a nice little tutorial from ( which shows how to animate some bouncing cubes. Im not entirely happy with the animation as it is scripted not keyframed but did learn some cool little tricks about setting up custom sliders and linking them to expressions (Expression… Read More →

Vue part one

Well its different to Maya for sure, it looks like there is a lot that could be accomplished if you put your mind to it. I Started with the basic tutorial but was soon able to add a procedural terrain, clouds and even import a Maya object. Im looking forward to the rest of these tutorials.

Maya and Vue

Im about to begin a brand new project – Vue and Maya integration, and a little after effects – From what I have seen from the tutorials this looks like it could be a lot of fun and could produce some amazing results not to mention the amount I should learn. Let the fun begin!

Cre8ive Studio business card

Hi all, Just wanted to let you all know of my latest design, the Cre8ive Studio business card. Done in Illustrator over about an hour or so due to a sale. I dont think its the greatest work now that I have seen it printed, but it was a learning curve for sure. I think the fonts… Read More →

Phoenix Psycology project

Its the beginning of a brand new project, the Phoenix Psycology website. A simple website built using Either Concrete5 or Frog as a CMS. I havnt used either before so this will be fun. You can see the logo I designed at

WordPress disable plugin based on page

While working on a project at my current job I have come across a small problem of 2 plugins not working together, creating conflict, Formbuilder and Yak. Although this sort of thing can happen quite often it would be great if there was some way of turning off a plugin for just one page. For example I… Read More →

Fire test

Using Maya particles I wanted to see what I could accomplish in a short time to get something resembling fire. I don’t quite think its there yet. Its all too fast and just doesnt have the thickness in my opinion.