Tips for Compressing Flash Banner Ads

Recently I was asked to design some Flash banners for a client. If you have ever had to do this you will know there are a few restrictions for banner ads. In my case designing for ITV, there was a few more restrictions. All banners had to be under 40kb and exported in Flash 6. Flash ads under 40kb is nothing new, but exporting in Flash 6 proved to be problematic.

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Hugo Review

I recently saw Hugo (2d) in the cinema with a friend and to be honest we were not expecting much. I had not really seen convincing previews and was seeing this movie simply because it was the only thing on when we were at the movies.

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Google adsense

Just a quick update to let you know the blog section of my website now has some Google ads on it. I am hoping this can pay for my site to stay up and running. So if you have an inkling to click an ad please do so.

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