Over the last weekend I was lucky enough to be sent to Boston for some freelance work with my old company. For the most part I was working and I’m not going to bore you with the details. I did manage to get out for half a day and see what I could of Boston. From what… Read More →


The Big Move

Well its time for my next big move. I am now off to Canada. After 15 months of living in the UK I have decided to move over to Toronto, Canada. I’m not really sure what to expect but I’m sure it will be fun. I have currently got some work going for my old employee in… Read More →


Bonfire Night

Remember, remember the fifth of November. Better late than never but I wanted to put up some photos and a video (x12 speed) of my very first Bonfire Night in the UK. This was my first Bonfire Night as mentioned and was a great way to spend my last weekend in the UK with family before I… Read More →



Just wanted to share some amazing pumkins I managed to carve on the weekend as well as the amazing makeup job. Far too much fun was had.

Screen Shot 2011-10-26 at 17.08.40

Bouncing Cubes

I decided to jump back into After Effects today and follow a nice little tutorial from ( which shows how to animate some bouncing cubes. Im not entirely happy with the animation as it is scripted not keyframed but did learn some cool little tricks about setting up custom sliders and linking them to expressions (Expression… Read More →



Lisbon With amazingly cheap flights to Porto, my friend Nathan and I flew into Porto from London and caught the train straight down to Lisbon. We stayed at the Oasis Backpackers which is a great little hostel, very clean and in a great location. We spent the first day just walking around and ended it with quite… Read More →



I met another friend when I got to Montreal which was great to get a small guided tour of the city. It was raining a lot when I got there which limited what we could do. We walked around when I got there and got some all you can eat sushi! Amazing! From there we got some… Read More →



I was back in Toronto again to catch up with a crazy Canadian friend for 2 days and venture out a little more and discover Toronto. The weather had turned since last time and it was freezing and raining heavily. The first day I was there we chilled out and had a walk around downtown, got some… Read More →


San Francisco

Our first night in San Francisco we chilled out at my relatives house so my dad and his sister could catch up on old times. A few glasses of wine where had, stories exchanged and then it was off to bed. The following day we ventured out and walked around the piers and the Fisherman Wharf on… Read More →


LA to San Francisco

We flew from Washington into Los Angeles with Virgin America, which was probably one of the best flights I have been on, very comfortable and nice staff. Upon arrival at LAX we picked up the rent-a-car, which happened to be a Jeep, so that was fun to drive around in. We made our way along the coast… Read More →


The drive to Washington D.C from Baltimore was painless, I think it was only about an hour from hotel to hotel. Most of the hotels in the city centre were booked out and if they were not booked out then they were over $1000 for the night. So we decided to stay just out of the city… Read More →


We got into Baltimore checked in and walked around to the harbor. Very nice looking harbor, but not a whole lot going on while we were there. There were some nice photo opportunities, but it did feel a little lack luster. We also walked past the baseball stadium which has a nice sculpture of Babe Ruth out… Read More →


The drive from New York to Philadelphia was fairly painless compared to the last drive between Niagara Falls to New York. We arrived to Philadelphia around 5pm and decided to just relax, so we just ordered in and had a few beers at the hotel. The next day we walked around Philadelphia, which is a fairly small… Read More →

New York

We drove from Niagara Falls to New York, but due to the flooding through the North East the trip took double the time as well had to double back on ourselves, so instead of an 8 hour drive it was more like 16 hours, so needles to say by the time we arrived in New York it… Read More →

Niagara Falls

From Toronto we drove down to Niagara Falls which is only a short distance. We stopped of in Niagara on the Lake, which is a small little town on the way to the falls. The main street there has small quaint shops lining the street, I would say are made for the older generation, not really my… Read More →


The trip from London to Toronto was not to bad, I had a stop over in New York and then a short trip to Buffalo where I hired a car and drove over the border to Toronto. In total I think the trip was about 18-20 hours. By the time I got there I was very tired… Read More →

Reading Festival 2011

Just a quick note on Reading Festival. What an amazing time I had. One of the best festivals I have been to, the only one which comes close would have to be the Warped Tour a few years back. During the 3 days I was there with a friend we managed to see Frankie & The Heartstrings,… Read More →


After a long day of working at the “biggest event of the season” at my current job I headed straight to the Heathrow for the 9.30pm flight with co-worker Simon. I think we were both amazingly tired after the day of work but somehow managed to get to the airport on time and managed to grab a… Read More →