San Francisco

Our first night in San Francisco we chilled out at my relatives house so my dad and his sister could catch up on old times. A few glasses of wine where had, stories exchanged and then it was off to bed.

The following day we ventured out and walked around the piers and the Fisherman Wharf on the San Francisco bay, which are really nice. The weather had also turned for the better and we were graced with some beautiful 26 degree sun. This made the day even better. We grabbed a bite to eat on the water and continued to take in the city and the sun. We finished the day with a trip on the world famous cable cars, a must do if you are in San Francisco, I would recommend standing on the front if you want the best views.

Day 3 we walked up to Lombard Street, which is the famous small section of road which winds around. It is actually a lot smaller than I originally thought, but it is amazingly steep. We had booked to go to Alcatraz today so we made our way over to the pier where I actually met up with a friend who I had traveled with previously a few years ago. I split from my parents at this stage for the rest of the day and walked around Alcatraz with my friend. Alcatraz is a pretty cool thing to do while you are there. The only thing is you need to book a day or two in advance as there is only one tour operator so there is limited space on the boats. The audio tour of Alcatraz is really good, they guide you through the main cells of the prison, where you get to see and hear everything you need to about the place. From the prison we made our way back to the hostel my friend was staying at and had a few drinks before heading out on the town. My memory is a little hazy of the night, but I’m sure it was good.

The following day my head was a little sore, but I managed to venture out with my parents to see the Golden Gate Bridge. We walked through the park next to the bridge and across as much of the bridge as we could as there were construction works going on. The Golden Gate Bridge is amazing, it is much bigger than you think. The views you get of San Francisco from the bridge are amazing as well. This is a must if you are in San Francisco. I had an early night after the previous night.

Our last day in San Francisco we spent doing a little shopping and just relaxing. We had a lovely lunch at my relatives house before we all said our good-byes. This is where I left my parents and headed to the airport to head back to Toronto. My parents are off to LA to see some more relatives before they head back home to Australia. Needles to say it was an emotional day for all. I can honestly say I had a blast traveling with my parents for the past month or so. So just want to say thanks mum and dad!

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